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Here's how to start.

But first let us welcome you to the RVMapGuide pioneer community and be part of an exciting journey.

  1. Open the app in Safari by clicking on the explore button and install it on your smart phone home screen.
  2. Sign up to unlock extra features, get updated and transform it into your ultimate travel companion.
  3. Discover hidden local gems wherever you might be or going.  

It's simple and only takes 3 minutes to do. Once you've registered, you’re able to discover the best locations in the neighborhood, region and beyond. Click the button to start an unforgettable journey with RVMapGuide now. You can use the app for free but there are some limitations you my want to remove with a small monthly or yearly discounted plan. Find all the details inside the FREE version of the App. Continue reading below to learn more about Local Gems and what they are.

What are local gems?


How to find them?

Want to share local hidden gems or offer your expertise as a guide?

Points on the map with the local gems tag can be found easily by using the local gems tag filter. Simply click on it, and you will only see local gems near you. 

In case there are any, you can start to add your own points and tag them with the local gems tag if you think they are of great value  to other people.

You may use near me to see your location point.

Local gems are the special places we mark on our maps, which we also call guides. The maps or guides provide information about local points of interest, also called locations, and the best ones that we call local gems.

What makes a local gem become a local gem can either be determined by you or by us. To do that it is important to tag that point with the local gem tag. 

Points can be shared in many different ways:

  1. By adding a point to the map and giving it the local gems tag.
  2. Sending that location link to a friend via TXT message.
  3. Using the chat feature to communicate the point to others.
  4. Invite a group in the club and showcase what you have discovered and share your wow experince.

...without having to delve too deeply!

....having discovered a great place by yourself add it to the map! Please check if the location doesn't exist already.